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Physical Rehabilitation
Outpatient Therapy: Total Physical Rehabilitation Care
One-on-One InteractionIt is important for a patient to receive the full spectrum of care from a health care provider. You will find that continuum of care within the Methodist Healthcare hospitals in the area of physical rehabilitation services. That continuum for Methodist Healthcare hospitals includes the outpatient clinic in the Oak Hills Building.

For adult and pediatric patients, the outpatient rehabilitation clinic allows for one-on-one, direct patient interaction by a highly trained, licensed staff.

To refer a patient to Methodist Outpatient Rehab, ask a question, or get a tour of the facility, call (210) 575-7501 or email us at

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Methodist Healthcare Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
On the 3rd floor of the Oak Hills Building
7711 Louis Pasteur, Suite 330    San Antonio, Texas 78229
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